PICMIX FOR ALL SYMBIAN AND JAVA PHONES, Nokia X2, Nokia C3 and Nokia Asha and others

Download Picmix for your mobile phone HERE.
Open the application, you'll see a small white centered picture with cursor blinking on it.
Press Menu » Tools » Resize picture, unmark the "Keep Aspect" option and resize to "320" or
less on both height and width. Now Press Menu » Add » Add Picture, move to the location of
the first picture [Note:: the picture must not exceed 180kb] , press on it to add and press
Menu » Tools » Resize picture to resize the picture to a smaller resolution like "100" on both
width and height. Now move the picture to your desired position and press "Done" to
embedd. Now use the above step to locate the 2nd, 3rd and 4th pictures if any, resize and
move to desired position and embedd. After adding pictures, press Menu » Save picture »
Save to JPEG and your mixed pictures will save in the "Graphics" folder of your phone
To use a desired picture as watermark or background, press Menu » Open new, select the
picture and resize to about "320" or less on both the height and width.

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