10 facts about Rufai Saleem Mayowa founder and director, Roasted Amala

Rufai Saleem Mayowa, fondly known as ‘Roasted Amala’ is a popular Digital Marketing and publicity expert or Influencer, as the case may be.

He is a frontliner in the use of social media and other tools to aid marketing and publicity in every field and industry across Nigeria. He is a Google certified digital marketer and he has been actively involved in publicizing and promoting different Individuals, brands, companies, events, and so on for nearly a Decade.

10 facts about Rufai Saleem Mayowa

1. He graduated from Lagos State University Ojo in 2018, where he studied Computer Science.
2. Rufai Saleem is a Muslim by faith, from a family of 6.
3. He founded “Roasted Amala” in 2010 whilst in secondary school and has been running it ever since.
4. Saleem commands a large following across social media. On Instagram alone, he boasts more than 100,000  followers.
5. He became a Google certified digital marketer in June 2019 after passing the fundamentals of digital marketing exams.
6. Rufai Saleem also happens to be a graphics artist and a front end developer in the programming world.
7. His brand Roasted Amala has worked with and for a lot of individuals and brands over the years.
8. ‘Roasted Amala’ was initially a nickname until he deemed it fit to use it as his official brand name.
9. ‘Roasted Amala’ is verified and has been certified as a Digital Marketing brand by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.
10. Saleem listens to rap music for fun, it would interest you to know that he has an undying love for Eminem

Contact Saleem via whatsapp with +2347061522224 , as well as both Instagram and Twitter with @roasted_amala_ or send an email to roastedamala123@gmail.com

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